This blog, in a word, is me. It is the tireless search for the right word, the word pregnant with meaning and evocative of thought and action. What would we be without the ability to communicate. And where would we be without the ability to communicate well. That’s where I come in. My name is Mark Anthony Turner. I’m a journalist by education and training and a wordsmith by curiosity, determination, and love. My life revolves around words, their power and usage. I have been a reporter, editor and page designer for more than two decades now. That means I can tell a story in many forms, and I do. And I’d do it for free (Well, if Krispy Kreme doughnuts

were free I would). In business speak, I’m slowly making “the pivot” into the world of academics as a teacher and non-traditional student. The class on advertising and public relations that required this online portfolio and blog, its instructors, and students will help me determine my next steps into a possible second career in education. So, here’s my life at a glance…

  • Executive News Editor, Akron Beacon Journal – Ohio.com
  • Adjunct Instructor (magazine design, copy editing), Kent State University
  • Graduate student (Media management, 2014), Kent State University
  • Design and writing freelancer
  • Chair, John S. Knight / Ludel Sauvageot Memorial Scholarship review committee
  • Sporadic tennis player
  • Sporadic poet
  • Old movie buff. Best year of film: 1939
  • Dog person who owns two cats
  • Southern boy turned yankee in 1998. I still hate snow. It may be the one thing that drives me back home to Louisiana.

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