I am not a world traveler. I do not hop on planes without some trepidation. And let’s just say I don’t have a body that makes getting there half the “fun.” But I don’t regret the 6-hour-plus flight that brought me to London or the 80 quid I had to pay for a taxi from the airport after I missed my first flight. It’s all been worth it.

Worth what you ask?

Ah, well. It would take the better part of the week to tell it all. And I don’t think I even have the nuance of vocabulary to say exactly how inspiring this city is. It’s a place that demands its visitors to reflect on their growth and their place in time and space. It is grand and gritty. The city in some ways symbolizes my time as a graduate student at Kent State University, not just in the Global Advertising and Public Relations class, but the entire experience so far. At the highs, I have learned so much about media, myself and the world around me, and at the lows I have scratched and clawed my way through assignments that seemed beyond my capacity. Through it all, I’ve grown.

So, here it is

I put together a video presentation to show you just a few glimpses of London through my camera lens. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Oh, by the way, I used a little bit of British slang earlier: quid. It’s the same as pound in British currency. Wanna know more about Brit slang, go here.